NPFL: Players of Katsina United decry non-payment of salaries

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By Reliance Udoenyin

Players of Katsina united have decried non payment of about 5 months salaries by the management of the club.


Players of the club lamented the situation saying that this has heaped hardship and difficulties to their livelihood considering that many of them are breadwinners of their families.


In a Whatsapp group interview with Journalists a  week ago, the chairman of the club Prince Abdussamad Badamosi had debunked such claims alleging that it's a single's players' effort to tarnish the image of the club. "That is not the truth," he began. "I think it's a single player circulating that news. What that player did to Katsina United, if we raised the matter to the above level, that player must be punished."


He went on to stress that all workers of the club have been paid. "For this pandemic issue, we're not paycut any of their salaries. But we've paid them. I've paid the players, officials, technical staff and all the people that are working for the club but I pay them 50% of their salaries based on what I have at hand. I know the situation that people are facing. I see no reason that I can concentrate on only players to left the  other Technical staff and the club officials. That's why I said so let use what we have at hand. I pay each and everyone of the players 50% of their salaries and I pay the club officials, the technical staff and all our backroom staff 50% and once we get money at hand we'll balance the remaining 50%."


In fact, on Sunday, 19th April, Badamasi told  daily trust, "Our governor, His Excellency, Hon. Aminu Bello Masari is doing his best for Katsina United...Although Katsina is not an oil state like Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, and the rest, he is judiciously using available resources to support us. There is nothing we asked from his Excellency that we have not received.


“It is for this reason that we are among, if not the only club in the NPFL that is up to date in payment of salaries and bonuses." 


A week later, precisely on the 25th of April, the 35-year-old who is reported to be the youngest Club chairman in the NPFL reiterated prompt and up to date payments of salaries to workers of the club under his care, to daily Trust when he said, "we don’t have problem with payment of players and official salaries and match bonuses. It may interest you to know that we are the only or one of the few clubs in the NPFL that are up to date in payment of players salaries and bonuses."



However, recent and after findings reveal that players are owed backlog of salaries, spanning from last year. "On arrival of a new Chairman (Prince Badamasi) they skipped our August salary, paid September, October probably because of the new Players that came. We didn't see December, they keep skipping it. As it is now, we're talking about August, December, we were paid half salary for January without explanation, February, March, April and now we're in May", a player confirmed.




The player who spoke on the condition of anonymity lamented how difficult it has been to cope up and with family in such trying condition.


"Imagine most of us have families. You keep borrowing money hoping that you'll be paid at least 2 months salaries, 3 months or all the outstanding salaries but they end up paying you half. What do you do with it? It'll be useless because debts have piled up. We have families to care for, school fees, bills, house rent but they don't see it that way. They keep telling us they don't have money that they're going to borrow money but later we'll hear the government has released Money to them. This is a premier league team not just an armature club. They keep treating us as if we're begging for the Job." 


When asked if they've approach the management, he said "We did. Our Chairman refused to address us. It was the sport director who pleaded with us that we shouldn't have gone this far. He talked to us that they're working hard and all sorts of stories just to coerce us to return to training because there were matches to be played  and we succumb to it and resumed training."


Confirming the situation, another player said "The last time we were paid it was half salary".


When asked if the payers have approached the management to lay bare their grievances in order to hear their own side of the story, probably reasons why they're owed, the player said "We have done that times without number. There's a day we even went on strike, about last two months before a home game with Akwa United. They called us, discussesd with us and promise to pay us all our outstanding salaries so we continued playing. Now, that the league is off I know they won't even do anything about it."



The player confirmed government release of funds for this purpose when he said "The problem is not from the government. We heard from our sources that the government has released the money." 

The player added that backroom staff are equally being owed.


Lamenting the same situation, another player Concorded, "We're owed about four and a half month salaries. We were paid half salary just before the break in the league. Before then we had about 3 months outstanding. Efforts to talk to them recently have proved abortive. How do they expect us to feed?", He questioned.


The player confirmed that chairman of the club, Badamosi had expressed that he has paid all the players.


"There's this paper that our Chairman last two weeks said in an interview that he had paid us all our monies whereas he hasn't.


In en effort to confirm release of funds from the government, the player added,

"I've spoken to people in Katsina who confirm that government has released money to them."



Further investigations from reliable sources reveal that the duration of the debt is up to 6 and a half months for players and upto 9 months for backroom staff and officials cummulating from the previous administration of Aminu Balele Dan-Arewa before Badamasi came into reign.


Before the Covid-19 occasioned break, Katsina United sits 10th on the NPFL table with 34 points from 24 matches.


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