PDP reps caucus calls for prosecution of NCC officials

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The People’s Democratic Party Caucus in the House of Representatives has called for criminal investigation and prosecution of officials of the Nigerian Communications Commission for alleged perjury.

Kingsley Chinda who issued the statement on behalf of the PDP lawmakers in the House alleged that the officials lied under oath while appearing before the House on Friday to explain the possibility of having results of elections transmitted electronically from across Nigeria.

The statement titled ‘NCC Lied to Nigerians on Electronic Transmission of Votes and Should Face Prosecution’, alleged that officials of the commission misled the House with their presentation.

The PDP Caucus alleged that the NCC officials, led by Executive Director, Ubale Maska cleverly relied on 2018 data in 2021, when they knew or ought to know that Internet penetration has advanced substantially in Nigeria since 2018.

According to the statement a perusal of NCC website shows that the Nigerian National Broadband Plan 2020-2025 indicates that by September 2019, the spread of 3G network had reached seventy four point two per cent in Nigeria.

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