Cardi B reveals she skipped her period to have sex with Offset (video)

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Offset and Cardi B may have their matrimony and the fact that they have a baby, Kulture known to the world but how they met and where their love story began has been left hidden.

However, Cardi B has explained all that in an interview she had recently.

Cardi B appeared on Angie Martinez’s debut show, Untold Stories Of Hip Hop and revealed she once stopped her menstruation to have sex with her boyfriend-turned-husband Offset from the rap group Migos.

Cardi revealed Offset had chased her for a while but never gave him any attention because she had decided against any romantic relationship with rappers because she felt they are people who play around in relationships and are never serious with their women.

However, after declining several requests to see Offset or give him her number, they both ran into each other at a gathering in New York. Cardi realized her bracelet had gone missing while she was in the bathroom and immediately dashed to the bar to retrieve it. However, on getting there, shockingly to her, Offset was seated wearing it. Cardi then returned to her table without leading Offset on too much, but he approached her again. She finally gave him her phone number and after a few interactions, she started to fall for him.


She recalls it was in the beginning of their relationship and it was one of those days she didn’t think he liked her as much because they hadn’t spoken in three days. Since they had just stared dating she says she didn’t want to leave him ‘dry’ because she wouldn’t see him for another week. The grammy-award winning rapper confessed that she took aspirin and drank gelatin to ‘stop’ her menstruation.


“I drunk like two ibuprofen and I drunk gelatin, Oh yes baby. And that stopped my period… And I f***** him.”


“It’s like non-flavored jello it was so disgusting.” She adds,”I don’t recommend y’all do this at home, I’m just one crazy bitch.”

Here is a link to the interview on instagram.



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