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Cardi B and Ariana Grande are the same age and fans can’t believe it! After a Twitter user posted a tweet about the realization that both stars are 25 on Sept. 18, several fellow users began to post their shocked responses. Although Cardi is a bit older than Ariana (she’ll turn 26 in Oct.).

Fans couldn’t shake the fact that they thought the rapper looked older than the petite and fresh-faced Ariana.

“the fact that Ariana Grande and Cardi B are the same age is a lot to process,” the original tweet read. “I thought Cardi was 30,” one user tweeted back. “I thought Ariana Grande was like 14….,” another wrote.

“I just found out Ariana and cardi b are the same age and I am SHOOK,” yet another said.

Since Ariana’s often been mistaken for being younger and Cardi just had her first child, we can kind of understand where the disbelief comes from.


The two ladies are at different points in their lives and their music is also very different so a comparison may not be the best thing to do when it comes to defining an appropriate determination of age.

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