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Winners of the Princewills Trust Vision and Success Opportunity Challenge have departed for Dubai, for a six-day all-expenses paid trip.

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United States rapper, Travis Scott is facing legal action after at least eight people were killed and hundreds injured in a crush at his Texas festival Astroworld.

One injured concertgoer has accused Scott and surprise performer Drake of inciting the crowd, and is seeking one million dollars in damages.

In a statement following the crush, Scott said he was working to help the families of the victims, the youngest of whom was just 14.

Meanwhile, tributes have been paid on social media to those killed.

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Swedish pop sensation Abba has announced that they were pausing promotion of an upcoming show for 24 hours after two died in a dramatic fall at a tribute concert.

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A Port Harcourt based comedian, Angel Atta also known as Angel D-Laugh says stand-up comedy is more tasking to deliver than online comedy skits.

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Afro soul singer Ifé has called on the government to provide enabling environment and a system that protects so young musicians can thrive in the country.

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