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Leaders of the seven richest countries in the world are meeting today in Canada, and the United States’ hike in steel and aluminium tariffs is top on the agenda.


Observers have predicted a confrontation with U.S. President Donald Trump at the summit of the Group of Seven rich nations.


Ahead of the summit; President Trump had taken to twitter to attack Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with Canadian officials responding with signals about disagreements on a lot of things.


However; French President Emmanuel Macron urged leaders attending the summit to be civil, but hinted that the other six members of the G-Seven could form their own grouping without the US if necessary.


On her part; British Prime Minister Theresa May said she wanted the European Union to use restraint in its retaliation to the U.S. tariffs, stressing that the response must be proportionate and legal.


Meanwhile; the White House has announced that President Trump would be leaving on Saturday, before the summit formally ends, from where he would fly to Singapore for the historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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