Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Poor Awareness of Fundamental human right,major cause of Abuse in Nigeria -Right Experts.

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Poor awareness of fundamental human rights by citizens has been identified as the major factor responsible for abuses in Nigeria.

This was the summary of submissions by rights experts in an opinion survey conducted by our correspondent FELIX OJOGWU.

For instance; AROCHUKWU OGBONNA, who the Secretary-General Diobu Civil Rights Council, said conflicts in the society would be greatly reduced when majority of the people are conscious about their rights.

OGBONNA therefore advocate improvement in the education of citizens about their fundamental rights and how to demand redress in case of violations.


Also speaking, JIM TOM-GEORGE, who is a community officer with the Social Action group, lamented that some persons lack the capacity to seek redress when their rights are violated.

For this reason, TOM-GEORGE blamed the government for seemingly condoning abuse of citizens’ rights, which he warned could lead to the collapse of peace and security in the society.

He advocated that the defence of the citizenry against rights abuses should be seen as part of the primary aim of good governance by the authorities.


JIM TOM-GEORGE is a community officer with the Social Action in Rivers State.


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