Wednesday, July 18, 2018

US court halts sales of Madonna Personal Properties.

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A judge in the United States has stopped an auction of personal items of pop superstar, MADONNA.

Justice GERALD LEBOVITS New York set 6th September for a full hearing to determine whether auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll could go on with the sale.


This followed a protest by MADONNA that the planned sale was in violation of her privacy, since the items for auction include her underwear, a chequebook, a hairbrush, photos and a break-up letter from the late rapper TUPAC SHAKUR.


It was expected that TUPAC's letter, in which the late rapper suggested he broke up with MADONNA because of her race, would fetch as much as four hundred thousand dollars.


The letter is reportedly dated 15th January 1995 and was penned while TUPAC was serving a prison sentence for sexual assault, 18 months before he was shot dead. 


MADONNA alleged that her possessions had been stolen by a former friend.


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