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BlingTinz is a Nigerian singer, song writer and performing artiste who was known for Hit single like “You Know Me”.

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A Port Harcourt High Court has awarded ten point eight million naira in damages against AMC Product Nigeria Limited, which is associated with Nollywood actress, IBANABO FIBERESIMA.

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Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West twitter fight of almost a week has finally been resolved.  

Wiz Khalifa made this known during an interview where he said Kanye West called him, apologized and he accepted the apology. “We are good now,” he said.

He also said Amber Rose met up with Kim Kardashian and they also resolved their issues. They both posted same selfie they took together on their respective instagram pages.

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While entertaining Pres. Buhari and other top dignitaries at the 40th Presidential Luncheon to mark Ogun state's 40th anniversary in Abeokuta on Tuesday, February 2nd, comedians 'Alibaba' and 'Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st' joked about the current Dasuki $2.1billion arms deal probe.


"You know before now, when I perform, especially when Mr. President Obasanjo, found out how much I got paid for the event, he was livid. When they now asked me to come and perform for the new president considering that he’s asking money from everybody, he said, how much do you want to charge? I said anything you want to give me sir, there’s no need to tell him the amount, he’ll add me to that Dasuki’s list. Olorunmaje! ..and you know that man has not finished confessing,” He said


Gbenga Adeyinka who was co-anchoring the event with Alibaba, said everything Alibaba was saying was his personal opinion because before leaving his house, his wife warned him to mind what he said at the event because she doesn't want a situation where "they" will come and search her house. He said Alibaba should continue with his joke at his own risk.

Watch the video...


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2Baba's manager, Efe Omoregbe has cleared the air on Blackface's allegations of intellectual property theft against the 'African Queen' crooner.


Read his Press Statement below:


When my attention was drawn to Blackface's twitter rant about the "theft" of his songs by his ex-band mate 2Baba, my initial reaction was to ignore what I perceived as an obvious marketing gimmick for his new single. The reaction from a vast majority of people on social media who read about the allegations was evidence that the ploy had backfired. Blackface's press interviews since the twitter rant has made it necessary for me to present the flip side and set the records straight.


1. 2Baba and Blackface do have a bunch of songs they co-wrote in their days as Plantashun Boiz.


2. Both artistes have collectively and individually recorded and commercially released materials from this collection.


3. 2Baba has always given Blackface (Austin Ahmedu) co-writing credit every time he recorded any song that has Blackface's input - No matter how minimal.


4. Blackface has neither given 2Baba (Innocent Idibia) co-writing credit nor sought "permission" to record any of the materials they jointly authored.


5. Blackface has earned royalties off his shared publishing rights for about a decade.


6. A huge chunk of income he has made derives from royalties earned by the commercial exploitation of the successesful materials performed/recorded by 2Baba.


7. 2Baba did not and couldn't have stolen "Let Somebody Love You" from Blackface. The song was released about 2 years ago. Blackface complained about his name being misspelt on the CD sleeve and we personally apologised to him.


8. Yes. Blackface contributed to the writing of the first verse of the song. The second verse was entirely 2Baba. Bridget Kelly wrote her verse and Efe Omorogbe wrote the outro verse.


9. Efe Omorogbe is not 2Baba's manager on "Let Somebody Love You" but a co-writer.


10. The outro verse was lifted from the song "How?" written in 1997 and recorded in 1999 at Dolphin studios, Surulere. Blackface didn't write that bit. Couldn't have written that bit. Blackface cannot in 2016, touch Efe Omorogbe's writing from 1997.


11. Blackface should be honoured to have shared co-writing credit with 2Baba. I am. For each and every song we have collaborated on.


12. Blackface should be grateful 2Baba recorded their co-authored materials to ensure a lifetime of royalty income for him.


12. Blackface should record and release his own version of "Let Somebody Love You" and keep 100% publishing on that version. Oops! 2Baba will still be entitled to a share.


13. Blackface is not in 2Baba's league as a songwriter. Their post-Plantashun Boiz' catalogs speak for themselves.


14. Blackface should go to court to seek redress if he indeed belives he has a case.


15. Blackface should know that nobody ever secured a court judgement via a


twitter rant or media tour.


17. Blackface must have realised by now that the unfortunate tirade has not made "Killa" a hit. At least, not at the moment.



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