Opinion Polls: What should be President Buhari's reaction to the IGP?

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Trouble awaits the Inspector General of Police, IBRAHIM IDRIS, for not fully complying with a presidential directive to visit Benue State in the wake of the deadly clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

President MUHAMMADU BUHARI said he was going to answer questions for allegedly spending only a day in Benue State. President BUHARI gave this indication on arrived in Makurdi on official visit, when he confirmed that he had only just been informed that the IGP spent only a day in Benue State. Speaking during a meeting with stakeholders at the Government House in the state capital, President BUHARI said he will engage the IGP for inquires upon his return to Abuja. President BUHARI was reacting to the demands by Governor SAMUEL ORTOM that the IGP steer clear of partisan politics as a Police Chief and desist from holding an opinion on which law to implement or not. The President noted that the IGP is slow in using the intelligence and resources available to him but as a loyal leader, all he did was give the directive to the IGP instead publicly exposing his incompetence.


Discussants at our studios Anni and Emma Ndukwe joined by amazing guests Fynface Fynface, Prof. Andrew Efemini and Dr Kenneth Nweke, expressed varied view points on this matter. These include:


The President exposed the incompetence of the IGP right there. It is a serious issue in security circles to disobey the last order from above (as we call it, in local parlance) – Emma Ndukwe


Looking at in on face value, you can see high level of sincerity on the part of Mr. President in coming out publicly to say this. However, the issue of what to do after now may involve giving the IGP a query, and he cautions him. I don’t see any decision like sacking the IGP coming out of this – Dr. Nweke


The next thing Nigerians will like to hear is that the IGP has been relieved of his appointment as the Inspector General of Police for gross incompetence, insubordination and not using resources at his disposal to fight and maintain law and order in this country – Fynface Fynface


It is premature to discuss the statement made by the President on the issue without hearing the response from the IGP – Prof Efemini


Let us know your views as this as the conversation continues in the comments section below and across our social media channels.





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